Carb Edge with Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract – 60 Capsules

LynFit Carb Edge; the carb-blocking fat burner. Taken 30 minutes before a meal that has carbs, will block 65% of the starch from being absorbed.

LynFit Carb Edge contains 1000mg of Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract. The highest quality White Kidney Bean Extract that has proven to work at starch blocking without gastric distress. Carb Edge assists your body in weight loss by burning fat and carbohydrates for fuel while controlling appetite and food cravings.

Carb Edge is a dieters first line of defense to help kill cravings, lower blood sugar levels, which is the secret to burning stubborn body fat. Carb Edge kills cravings, enhances thyroid function and keeps blood sugar levels balanced, so you stay in fat burning mode all the time.

Designed for both men and women. For women, Carb Edge promotes fat loss in problem areas like rear, thighs and stomach. Men love Carb Edge because it facilitates fat loss in the midsection including those stubborn love handles.

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