Katie Love Gets Smart With SmartPoints New 2016 SmartPoints Plan Recipes Cookbook Volume One

Katie Love… love, love, loves Weight Watchers’ New SmartPoints Plan (and you will too!), so she decided to get smart and convert all her new and old Points and PointsPlus recipes to the new and exciting SmartPoints! You will find over 600 super-delicious, super-healthy, super-fabulous new Weight Watchers SmartPoints recipes in Volume One, Katie Love Gets Smart With SmartPoints New 2016 SmartPoints Plan Recipes Cookbook Volume One! including hundreds of Zero, One, Two and Three Weight Watchers SmartPoints per serving SmartPoints Recipes!

Make 2016 YOUR year to lose weight using Weight Watchers New SmartPoints Plan! You will find yourself feeling revitalized and rejuvenated while eating more and more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins while eating less and less saturated fats and sugars. Make 2016 YOUR year to start taking care of your body, mind and spirit with the help of Weight Watchers! Find a Weight Watchers meeting or join online today! Weight Watchers has all the tools, help and support to be the you YOU want to be! I am wishing you so much success and happiness this year!

A Small Preview of SmartPoints Recipes:

Zero SmartPoints Mixed Vegetable Soup

Zero SmartPoints Poached Pears

Zero SmartPoints Royal Eggplant Grill

Zero SmartPoints Vegetables Julienne

Zero SmartPoints Hearts Of Palm With Asparagus

Zero SmartPoints Mexican Squash Medley

Zero SmartPoints Mixed Brassicas Stir-Fry

Zero SmartPoints Onion Leek Soup

SmartPoints Zero Points Salad With Zero Points Dressing

SmartPoints Zero Points Dressing

Zero SmartPoints Spicy Stuffed Tomatoes

Zero SmartPoints Stuffed Eggplant

Zero SmartPoints Sweet And Sour Vegetable Stir-Fry

Zero SmartPoints Sweet And Sour Dressing

Zero SmartPoints Sweet Pumpkin Cubes With Asparagus

Zero SmartPoints Vegetable Curry

Zero SmartPoints Vegetable Kebabs

Zero SmartPoints Apple Herb Salad

SmartPoints Curried Veal With Veggies

SmartPoints Grilled Steak Perfection

SmartPoints Italian Calzone

SmartPoints Lemony Cod

SmartPoints Meatballs

SmartPoints Meatloaf Mexican Delight

SmartPoints Oven Fried Pork Chops

SmartPoints Salmon Saffron Delight

SmartPoints Slow Cooker Fish Stew

SmartPoints Swiss Steak Delicious

SmartPoints Turkey Roast

SmartPoints Vegetarian Lasagna

SmartPoints Caesar Salad

SmartPoints Cheese Salad

SmartPoints Creamy Coleslaw

SmartPoints Greek Cucumber Salad Dressing

SmartPoints Greek Salad

SmartPoints Salmon Salad

SmartPoints Spinach Cucumber Sweet And Sour Salad

SmartPoints Tuna And Egg Salad

SmartPoints Salad Dressing French

SmartPoints Salad Dressing Tangy And Sweet

SmartPoints Summer Vegetable Salad

SmartPoints Applesauce Homemade

SmartPoints Apple With Cinnamon And Rum

SmartPoints Apricot Puff

SmartPoints Egg Custard

SmartPoints Flan

SmartPoints Fruity Baked Pears

SmartPoints Hot Strawberry Ambrosia

SmartPoints Orange And Strawberry Fruit Pie

SmartPoints Peach Melba

SmartPoints Stewed Mixed Fruits Creamy Dream

SmartPoints Beef Broth

SmartPoints Blueberry Soup

SmartPoints Cabbage And Bean Dream

SmartPoints Chicken Broth

SmartPoints Cucumber Crab Delight

SmartPoints Delicious Mexican Incredible Jalapeno Nachos Extra Cheese Please

SmartPoints Delicious Mexican Jasmine Flour Tortillas Make Your Own

SmartPoints Delicious Mexican Lemon Zesty Frijoles

SmartPoints Delicious Mexican Master Chef’s Guacamole

SmartPoints Delicious Mexican Minced Pork Sandwiches

SmartPoints Microwave Italian Fish

SmartPoints Microwave Italian Herbed Tomato Soup

SmartPoints Microwave Italian Marinara Sauce

SmartPoints Microwave Italian Meatballs

SmartPoints Microwave Italian Puttanesca

SmartPoints Microwave Italian Vegetables

SmartPoints Microwave Apple Sauce Tasty

SmartPoints Microwave Asparagus Omelet With Cheese

SmartPoints Microwave Blueberry Preserves Dream

SmartPoints Mic

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