Sugar Detox: Time To Cut Your Carbs! 150 Low Carb Recipes To Improve Your Health And Lower Your Weight

Sugar Detox: Time To Cut Your Carbs! 150 Low Carb Recipes To Improve Your Health And Lower Your Weight

Book#1: Low Carb 101: Low Carb Diet – Proven Way to Lose 15 Lbs (7 KG) In Two-Week Challenge Without Even Trying

Are you struggling to shed your extra pounds? You are not alone because numerous people are struggling to get rid of stubborn fat of their body. Various diets are available in the market, but each diet has its benefits and limitations. You have to focus on one formula “eat fewer calories and burn more”. Low carb diet is a good way to recycle carbs and increase your metabolism. This diet will help you to reduce your weight quickly and improve your overall health. The low carb diet is extremely helpful for everyone to increase their metabolism and melt your body fat. In this book, you will learn the principles of low carb diet and follow it to reduce weight. Low carb diet has been scientifically proven to result in better health and more weight loss as compared to low-calorie and low-fat diet. This book offers:

    Book#2: Low Carb Casseroles: 25 Super Delicious Low Carb Casseroles for Weight Loss

    The book is divided into chapters and there are five top recipes under each chapter. You can choose any you like accordingly. Here is the list of chapters which this amazing eBook covers:

    Book#3: Low Carb Soups: 25 Best Delicious Filling Soup Recipes for Weight Loss

    The best thing about enjoy low carb meals is that they only help you eliminate carbohydrates from your diet which can become very hard to control in the long run. Carbohydrates not only lead to quick hunger pangs but they contain a lot of starch that only causes weight gain. By giving by the carbs in your diet, you will be able to burn your fats in a much better way and enjoy meals that are wholesome and nutritious and keep you full for longer time.

    Book#4: Low Carb Meals: Top-20 Quick&Easy Delicious Low Carb Recipes To Lose Weight Fast

    Adopting a low carb diet means saying goodbye to sugar products, sweeteners, potatoes, pasta and bread. However, as this book will show, you will quickly realize that there are a significant range of alternative products which can provide delicious alternatives to the usual potatoes, pasta and bread.

    Book#5: Keto Bread Cookbook: Real Low Carb Recipes

    Bread is impressive as it appears in a huge range of guises: virtually all shapes and sizes can and are produced. It can fulfill a variety of roles in your diet. It is interesting to note that the majority of recipes which are designed to encourage ketosis are also excellent choices for anyone with a glucose tolerance issue. The issue is, as bread is often used to fill a gap in your diet, how can you ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs without consuming this high calorie option. The answer lies in the following recipes where you can discover delicious, healthy alternatives which are low in carbohydrates and will boost your ability to get things done!

    Book#6: Instant Pot: 23 Real Ketogenic Diet Recipes For Electrical Pressure Cooker

    This book will guide you through using the electric pressure cooking and the benefits it offers in cooking low carb meals:

    Book#7: Sugar-Free Summer Treats: 40 Low Carb Ice Creams, Slushies, Cocktails And Lemonades

    The recipes in this book are all designed to be simple and to use products which you will usually have at home. This makes it easier, cheaper and more practical to create your own refreshing drink than it is to buy one; where you may not be certain of which ingredients are included.

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