Sugar-Free Mexican Eats: Recipes For Cinco De Mayo (And Any Day Of The Year) That Taste Anything But Sugar-Free (No Sugar, No Sweat)

Mexican food is full of rich and wonderful flavors, for me, it’s one of the types of foods I crave pretty darn often – Cinco de Mayo is no exception. I, like so many others love to use the holiday as a dedicated reason to have some guac!

While of course some of the favorite meals that we associate with Mexican food are not authentically Mexican, they’re still delicious just the same. Salty, spicy, and zesty (obviously, so much like my own personality) I’m sure that’s why I love the tastes frequently used in this type of cuisine.

Once you get past the tortilla chips and things covered in cheese, there really are some great, healthy choices that you can make. That’s right, you can bring Taco Tuesday back, right here, right now with this cookbook.

All of these recipes are completely sugar-free, gluten-free, you name it. There’s no cheese, corn, gluten, or grain anywhere here – which means you can enjoy yourself and these wonderful flavors without any guilt. For the higher in carbohydrate foods, where legumes (beans) are used, I would just recommend limiting those portions a bit, since carbohydrates break down into the body as glucose. But they are a fantastic source of protein, especially for folks or are vegetarian or vegan.

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