2 Boxes (40 Sachets) – Zrii Rise Quick Brew High Performance Coffee

KEY INGREDIENTS: 100% COLOMBIAN ARABICA COFFEE Only the finest, premium quality Colombian Arabica coffee goes into Zrii Rise. Recognized as the most flavorful coffee in the world, our special freeze concentrate process preserves the rich taste and aroma of our beans so that you enjoy a superior, gourmet flavor-cup after cup. Bonus: the natural caffeine in coffee helps boost energy and stamina, and uplifts your mood.* GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT Did you know? About 90% of the naturally occurring antioxidants in regular coffee are destroyed during the roasting process-so they never reach your cup. That’s why Zrii Rise boasts unroasted, green coffee bean extract to deliver vital antioxidants to you with each sip. The antioxidants in green coffee help protect the body against free radical damage. AMALAKI The rare, prized superfruit amalaki helps elevate Zrii Rise-and your health-to a whole new level. A potent antioxidant, amalaki helps promote energy and vitality, while helping to create a sense of balance and harmony

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