Brazilian Bentonite Clay Body Wraps (10 Applications) | Complete Weight Loss, Slimming & Toning System that Gently Warms as you Wear | New & Improved with Bentonite, Aloe Vera, & Infused with Vitamins

Brazilian Detox Body Wrap – Hot Clay Series
Premium Spa Quality Body Wrap & Transformation System

From BRAZILIAN BELLE, America’s Leading Body Wrap Brand

  • 20 Years Combined Experience Making Body Wraps
  • Our Most Advanced Wrap & Body Transformation System TO DATE

The Challenge
Weight loss can be difficult, discouraging, and flat out painful. This is why so many people never achieve their weight loss goals and spend a lifetime dieting. In addition, we are constantly bombarded in the media with new fad diets, pills, & potions that rarely work.

Can anyone relate? Here are some questions to ask:

  • Have you tried dieting in the past and been unsuccessful?
  • Are you embarrassed or ashamed of one or more parts of your body?
  • Have you spent over $100 on supplements or products that did not work?
  • Have you tried other body wraps that did not work or suffered side effects such as bleeding?

Let Us Be the Solution!
Regardless of whether you have 5, 10 or 50 lbs. to lose we offer a complete system to help you get there.

What youĂȘll receive:

Enough Body Wraps & Clay for 10 Full Applications:

  • Infuse your skin with critical vitamins, nutrients, and minerals
  • Remove toxins and interstitial fluid that are trapped underneath the skin’s surface
  • Firm, tighten, and tone.

A Complete Body Transformation Plan

  • Learn exactly what body type you are and why it matters for weight loss.
  • Receive a customized step-by step plan based on your goals & body type.
  • Discover the secrets to becoming trim, toned, and gorgeous starting in just weeks.
  • Eat delicious meals and watch the weight melt off.
  • Learn the secrets of Brazilian bikini models.
  • Be part of an exclusive & supportive community.

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