Crock Pot Recipes: Fast and Easy Meal Using Your Ultimate Crock Pot (Slow cooker cookbook,Low carb recipes,Weight Loss Recipes,Clean Eating,Paleo Diet,Ketogenic Diet,Meal Prep,Instant Pot Cookbook)

This book is perfect for those who takes care about their food and health, busy or has little experience in cooking.
Even if you don’t have lot of time to cook you still can have delicious meals every single day.

Most of people nowadays chose to cook with crock pot (slow cooker). Its main benefit is that it saves your money and energy. You can put all the ingredients in, set the slow cooker and leave for work. When you come from work you can have a delicious, healthy warm dinner at home the whole family can enjoy.

In this book we have the greatest recipes with minimum prep and no interruption during cooking process for you.
Several reasons why you should buy this book:
All recipes are easy to cook and tried in real life settings.
Book is easy to navigate
Most of recipes have no interruption during cooking process
Under the cover you’ll find

Delicious recipes for slow cooker

Prep time, cooking time, list of ingredients accompanies each recipe

Prep time for most of recipes is up to 20 minutes

Cooking time for most of recipes is 6-8 hours

Each recipe is written step by step and easy to follow

Recipes for breakfast, dinner, snacks, sides and desserts

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