DIET: THE ULTIMATE HCG DIET COOKBOOK (Healthy Recipes for HCG Weight Loss) (Weight Loss Low Carb Low Fat Diet Cookbook)

FIRST TIME AVAILABLE: THE COMPLETE SET OF HCG DIET QUICK START COOKBOOKS. BOOK BONUSES: Downloadable, ready-to-print weekly menus and shopping lists—everything you need for simply successful HCG diet!

Praise for the HCG Diet Quick Start Cookbooks:

“Anne has written an insightful and informative book on how to make the HCG diet a successful experience.The menus and recipes are valuable aids in making this diet achieve success.So enjoy this excellent book on your way to the optimal HCG experience.” Dr. Michael Bergkamp, ND

”Your cookbook got me through the HCG diet with meals that others envied. My kids ate dinner with me for a lot of the meals. My coworkers always asked what I was eating. The appealing meals got me to my goal. I’ve done the diet 4 times in the last two years. I didn’t have a lot to lose but kept putting it back on because I wasn’t diligent with phase three. Here I am on a mission in Phase three for the last time. The book is helping. I would like more recipes so I will probably be buying the second volume. Thanks so much for your wonderful recipes.


Frankie M.

The HCG Diet Quick Start Cookbooks are all about the business end of the HCG diet—what you eat, what you don’t eat, when you eat it, and how to cook it. If you’re brand new to the HCG diet, the books cover the basics you need to know before you get started. Then the fun begins. Easy Chicken Cacciatore, Asian Chicken Roll Ups, Chinese Orange Beef Stir Fry, the Big Bodacious Burger, Orange Soy Glazed Shrimp—believe it or not, these are HCG diet Phase II (very low calorie diet) recipes.

Here is a Preview of What You’ll Learn…

The nuts and bolts of the HCG Diet

• Weekly menus to make the diet super simple

• Weekly shopping lists to get you in and out of the grocery store in record time

• Over 100 delicious recipes with built-in portion control

• Planned leftovers—for the healthiest “fast food” on the planet!

SPECIAL BONUS INCLUDED: FREE BOOK The Paleo Cookbook for Entertaining: 45 Paleo Recipes to Savor and Share While Sticking to Your Paleo Diet

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