DX9 Xtreme | Hardcore Diuretic | Lose Water Weight – Water Shedder | GET RIPPED – Cut, Dry & Lean | Water Shed Supplement | 120 Caps – 30 Day Supply | 110% Money Back Guarantee


DX9 Xtreme is a hardcore diuretic supplement from the legendary bodybuilding supplement brand Iron Labs Nutrition. Using a water shedder supplement enables the user to notably enhance vascularity, remove excess water from around muscles and create a dry, defined and hard physique. This makes DX9 Xtreme the perfect supplement to use when you want to be in the absolute best condition – be it for a contest or for you summer vacation.


This supplement is manufactured in the United States. The manufacturing process is fully GMP compliant and is carried out at a state of the art facility that is FDA-registered. Combine this with the unique ingredient sourcing policy and expert product formulators, Iron Labs Nutrition products genuinely are of superior quality.


To give you total peace of mind, all Iron Labs products are backed by a 110% Money Back Guarantee. Unlike other companies that give this guarantee, from Iron Labs it’s a genuine promise – and we even have an easy-to-use online claim form to make the money back process as straight forward as possible.

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