Genceutic Naturals Raspberry Ketones / Green Tea 60+60

Genceutic Naturals Raspberry Ketone plus Green Tea BONUS PACK Description:

  • Next Generation Nutraceuticals
  • Certified Authentic Raspberry Ketone Pure Ras
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Gluten Free/Non GMO
  • Greener and Cleaner

Science Corner

Raspberries naturally contain many biologically active compounds which have been shown to be highly beneficial to your health. Recent clinical research has shown that a particular constituent unique to raspberries may help boost metabolism and support body fat reduction.

This unique “Raspberry Ketone” is believed to facilitate the release of hormone-sensitive lipase and therefore the breakdown and release of fatty acids from fat cells which can then be burned by the body (thermogenesis). In addition to increasing thermogenesis and the oxidation of fat, research also suggests that this Raspberry Ketone may also help to reduce the absorption of dietary fat.

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