Keto Diet Simplified: Low Carb Step by Step Guide: Eat More Weigh Less (Ketogenic, Dash Diet, Vegan, Clean Eating, Weight Watchers, Gastric Sleeve, Mediterranean Diet)

Why Keto Diet Simplified?

Whenever I explain the scientific process behind the Ketogenic diet to anybody, the answer is always the same: I don’t believe you.

How can you lose weight by eating more fats?

And if you’re skeptical, then read on, because this book is for you.

It is counterintuitive. But it is effective.

And after trying the Atkins diet, the Paleo diet, the Dunkan diet, and more, I can guarantee you that the Ketogenic diet was the only diet that was honestly rewarding enough for me to keep going with it. And I still am.


I remember feeling overwhelmed when I first tried the Keto diet. Some recipes on Pinterest contradicted other recipes on my favorite food blogs.

Was I really supposed to eat chocolate cake? Or was I supposed to limit my chocolate?

Was I supposed to pile on the buttered chicken? Or curb my protein intake?

I’m not a medical doctor. Or a dietician.

But I am a journalist.

After 2 years of researching, experimenting and more experimenting, at the constant nagging of my friend, I finally agreed to compile everything I’ve learned, done, and cooked into one book; and in a way that makes sense.

I explain exactly how the Ketogenic works on a biological level, translate that into real life, and give you my favorite 25 recipes for starters.

This book is for you if

  • Want to target fat cells directly
  • Want to retain and (even increase, depending on adjustments) your muscle mass
  • Want to eat food that actually tastes good
  • Want to know the basics, step-by-step
  • Want tasty recipes I made myself, complete ingredients, instructions, and nutritional values.
  • I dare you to start this diet. You won’t regret it.

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