KETOGENIC COOKBOOK: Low Calorie Ketogenic Recipes For Guaranteed Weight Loss

Complete ketogenic guide and cookbook with breakfast, lunch and dinner meals to make your life easier.

Learn how to prepare delicious ketogenic meals using SIMPLE ingredients already in your pantry and fridge.

Recipes to alter your body’s metabolic state and reprogram your body to burn fat instead of sugar.

What separates this ketogenic cookbook from others on the market?

The recipes included have been designed specifically for weight loss, to maximize caloric burn per meal.

Discover and enjoy low carb, ketogenic versions of :
shephard’s pie
chicken alfredo
fish tacos
keto bread
cheesecake pancakes
keto ice cream
keto friendly snacks
cocktails and many more

Each recipe includes calories and overall fat, carb, protein and fibre content in grams.

And best of all…’ll never feel hungry on the ketogenic diet.

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