Lipo Express Weight Loss Tea: Detox, Body Cleanse, Reduce Bloating, & Appetite Suppressant, 30 Day Tea-tox, with Potent Traditional 100% Naturals Herbs, Ultimate Way to Calm and Cleanse Your Body

Lipo Express Light Tea is 100% Natural and caffeine free. Promotes cleansing and hydration that is essential in any weight loss program, boosting your metabolism with its antioxidant proprieties, ultimately helping you to lose weight. Suppress your appetite and rejuvenate your body, speeding up your metabolism while getting rid of toxins that will help you lose weight. Drink one bag of tea a day for 30 days and lose weight. Methods of Preparation: Place one bag in 3/4 cups of hot water. Allow 4-6 minutes for the tea to infuse. Add lemon or lime for better flavor. Drink it at night before bed. WARNING: DO NOT DRINK DURING PREGNANCY OR BREASTFEEDING. DO NOT USE FOR MORE THAN 30 DAYS CONTINUOUSLY. PLEASE ONLY DRINK ONE PER DAY DURING THE NIGHT TIME. Ingredients: Java, Plum & Cassia MADE IN SPAIN. Keep in mind, that this tea will HELP you loos weight, however you will also need to combine this treatment with a low calories diet and exercise. The combination of these three elements will give you a fast and desirable results. We offer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfy with this tea, just return it for a full refund.

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