Low Carb: The Ultimate No BS Low Carb Diet Bootcamp: Lose 15 Pounds in Just 21 Days with Delicious, Easy & Quick Low Carb Recipes

So you are on a low-carb high-fat diet? Have you drawn a good plan to keep you on the right track? It never to easy browsing through recipe sites to come up with a comprehensive recipe plan. To help you reach your goals whether you are doing it to lose weight or as a lifestyle, we have compiled this 21-day LCHF diet plan for you.

Each day has its own recipes and you will surely enjoy all the meals in this book. It presents a great way to have the best out of you meals for each day. Each of the 21 days has three recipes divided into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No recipe is repeated and this has been deliberately done to ensure you have incredible fun as you work through the days.

Each of the recipes is truly delicious, filling, and very convenient since we have included the use of readily available ingredients. The recipes are super easy and gives you the freedom to adjust them depending on the number of servings you want. The book is also very informative and fun to read as you follow the recipes.

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