Plus Size Women’s Seamless Body Shaper Slimming Bodysuits Sleeveless Tank (L, Black)

1.According to the principles of adipose tissue engineering and human body engineering, uniform pressure on the fabric, effectively guide the distribution of fat evenly, prevent fat accumulation and form the sexy waist and abdomen curve.
2.Honeycomb design concept, in shaping of the process,it creates a super air system. Breathable and sweat.
3.The structure of the human body curve cutting, exquisite tummy control,exquisite craft sewing fine, elegant.
1.Gather chest.Closed chest fat to make the chest more upright.
2.Tummy Control .Tighten abdominal fat.
3.Butt lift. Hip fat to prevent hip sagging.
4.Waist control Tighten the waist fat shaped waistline.
5.Shaping easily create “S” sexy curve.

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