Pure Clay * Premium Green Calcium Bentonite * for Internal and External Use * Laboratory Tested * Food Grade Detox Supplement * Body Wrap, Mask, Bath for Deep Cellular Cleansing, Revitalizing and Healing * 14.5oz

• PURITY GUARANTEED: Unlike cheaper surface-mined clays, Pure Clay® powder is mined from a deep subterranean “sweet spot” vein that has not been continuously exposed to air, wind or water and the environmental contaminants they carry. It is naturally pristine and needs no artificial cleansing. We put it through rigorous testing to ensure its purity – so you can rest assured that Pure Clay® is completely safe and toxin-free.

• DEEP CLEANSING AND RESTORATIVE: Internally and externally, Pure Clay®’s powerful magnetic pull draws and absorbs heavy metals, toxins, parasites, bacteria, fungus, free radicals. As a mask – fine lines and wrinkles minimized, pores reduced, acne is eliminated, soft and supple skin tone restored, and your face gets a radiant, healthy glow! Gentle and safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

• POWERFUL: When hydrated, every Pure Clay® molecule is a negatively charged living substance, drawing positively charged toxins into its highly absorptive surface and carrying them away. That powerful magnetic energy then stimulates cellular transformation and healing at the deepest level.

• PROVEN TO BE EFFECTIVE: Read our reviews – our customers tell it all!

• WE CARE: Tierra Buena Company cares about slavery! 15% of every purchase will be donated to organizations that stop human trafficking and minister to people who have been exploited.

• 100% GUARANTEED:If for any reason you don’t like our product, we will refund your money, period. Try it now! Click the order button above to start your healing journey ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE!

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