RASPBERRY KETONES – Weight Loss and Fat Burning Supplement Plus Appetite Suppressant Maximum Formula (120 ct)

Raspberry ketones are the #1 all natural weight loss supplement on the market today. Raspberry ketones help promote the breakdown of body fat through increased lipase. Raspberry ketones also help to speed up metabolism due to their chemical structure that is similar to capsaicin. Benefits of Raspberry Ketones -Increase lipase “fat burning” enzyme -Increase body fat breakdown -Increase metabolism -Strengthen your immune system -Detoxes the body -Increases energy level -Promote hair growth for those struggling with baldness -Improve skin elasticity -May lessen menstrual cramps and regulate heavy bleeding Why the 250 mg dose? Studies have shown this to be the most effective dosage. The body cannot metabolize more than this amount. If you take too little you might not notice a change, and too much is just wasted in the body. Our product is 100% pure ketones: no fillers, enhancers, or synthetics.

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