SSZY Tea JSY Male Enhancement Tea 100% Natural Herbal Tea for Increase Man Male Sexual Vitality with Organic Epimedium Cynomorium Privet Friut Eucommia Ulmoides etc. Great Fresh Taste (16 Tea Bags)

Product Information

Ampelopsis grossedentata leaves
– anti-oxidation, postpone senility, immunity enhancement;
– protecting and improving hepatic function;
– reducing blood pressure, reducing blood glucose and blood fat;
– promoting the metabolism of decomposition and irritant;
– preventing tumour;
– preventing Alzheimer’s disease.
Perilla fruit
– qi-descending and phlegm-resolving therapy;
– relieving cough and asthma;
– moistening the intestines.
Lotus leaves
– promote intestinal peristalsis, releasing toxins;
– diuretic, health cellulite;
– rich tea leptin, enhance the metabolism.
Folium sennae
– cleaning heat;
– running inhibition;
– facilitating feces excretion;
-promoting urination.
Semem Cassiae
– It can significantly reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels, increased high-density lipoprotein, lower LDL. Liver eyesight, laxative. It is a good helper to lose weight detox.
– antisepsis and sterilization;
– diuresis and resolving phlegm;
– strengthening spleen;
– helping digestion.

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