Super Fruit Diet, SDF-3 by NewLifeBotanicals

These Supplements Dr. Oz Recommends WORK BETTER TOGETHER!

Your average manufacturer of weight loss supplements are happy to just go along with the flow… making and selling only what new, “hot” product is getting the most attention. Not us.

We strive for the highest quality supplements, but we don’t just play follow the leader. Instead, we create something even better and that’s exactly what the SuperFruit Diet line of supplements is.. We carefully combine safe and natural diet aids to make them more effective.

SDF-3 is a powerfully potent fat blocker, as well as an effective energy booster. It can help a little with appetite and hunger control, but if that’s the main thing you think you need then we suggest looking into our SDF-2 and SDF-4 blends. This one is also normally ok to take in higher quantities than the other products in the SDF line.


Raspberry Ketone – to improve the level of adipodectin in your body to burn fat

Sea Buckthorn – This has been shown to tell your brain to stop your body from absorbing fat calories

African Mango – Helps your brain recognize quicker when you’re full and satisfied to prevent overeating

Acai Berry – Does a number or things including increase your energy and stamina, increases thermogenesis to burn fat, provides important antioxidants

Unique Blend – We also include a proprietary blend of guarana, garcinia cambogia and green tea to further enhance weight loss with improved fat burning and thermogenesis


Not for use in children.

Not for use in pregnant or nursing women.

If you have a medical condition or take medication, consult your doctor before use.

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