The Complete Whole Food Diet Plan: 30 Day Food Fix: It Starts With Good Food

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The Complete Whole Food Diet Plan is THE must read book for anyone beginning a paleo inspired diet. This easy to follow toolkit follows the 30 Day Plan, which is one of the most effective and beginner friendly Paleo diet plans available.

People following the Complete Whole Food Diet outlined in this book have:

*Seen substantial weight loss (30+ Lbs. In One Month is Common)

*Experienced a dramatic improvement in autoimmune conditions

*Reduced the occurrence and frequency of snoring and many other chronic conditions

This eBook features a month’s worth of delicious recipes that can be made in 30 minutes are less because we know that a 30 day fix is only effective if you can stay on it for 30 days.

Each recipe is whole food approved – meaning it’s proven to pack high nutrient values and guaranteed to keep you on track with your weight loss goals.

The Complete Whole Food Diet Plan:

*Offers tips, tricks, and insight about how you can follow along with this amazing diet plan.

*Deconstructs the Paleolithic diet approach, explaining why you should eat the foods prescribed by the plan, and which ones, specifically, are the best options.

*Explains how you can stay on track with healthy eating – even after the 30 days are up.

If you’re looking for a diet plan that will leave you nourished, full, and satisfied, then It Starts With Good Food is right for you.

This guide shows you how you can continue to enjoy your favorite dishes, from pizza to burgers and even chicken fingers, while maintaining a healthy eating regimen. Following this plan will restore your body to its healthiest possible state, and you’ll begin to find that the sugary, starchy, and unhealthy foods you once indulged in are no longer appetizing.

Now is the time to begin the greatest wellness journey you’ve ever embarked upon in your entire life. All you need is this guide to create the healthiest, most delicious meals that you’ve ever eaten. Watch as the 30 days pass you by quickly and easily, and then leave you wanting to continue following The Complete Whole Food Diet Plan even after you’re done.

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