The Simplicity Diet: For Your Body & Your Life

Tonya Lewis is a Holistic Health Coach, Nutrition Expert, Ingredient Research Author, Business Development and Lifestyle Coach from Spokane, WA. Tonya has helped thousands of clients nationwide with her nutrition workshops and coaching programs. Currently studying to obtain her Holistic Health Practitioner License, Clinical Master Herbalist, and Certified Nutritionist Consultant License – she will be launching her online HHP Consultation Programs & Academies where she will continue to work with clients on an international level. To learn more about Tonya please visit Apply to work with Tonya at From the Author: I’ve struggled with certain ‘natural’ ingredients and years of stomach aches. Because of it, I have poured hundreds of hours of research into this stuff – really for my own selfish reasons. I just wanted to feel better. I literally became the guinea pig, doing elimination and reintroduction of certain foods, allergy testing, candida testing, adrenal fatigue testing, and hundreds of hours of ingredient research. This book was inspired by my clients. As I started to share bits and pieces of my research, I started to get more and more questions which in turn led me to continue with my research to find all of the answers to your questions…and your friends questions..and their friends questions..and so on. I became so inspired to teach you what has been helping me and how I’ve overcome some of the issues that I was going through. That is exactly why I created The Simplicity Diet. I still eat my favorite foods. My kiddos still get their chocolate chip cookies, mac-n-cheese, pancakes, hot chocolate, and more. This book will teach you how you can still enjoy your favorite ‘comfort foods’ & still allow your kiddos to indulge in their sweet treats – but you will feel so much better about your choices, you will literally feel much better, no more stomach aches, pains, bloating, cramping, etc. with that little voice in your head saying ‘hmmm – I wonder what I ate today…’ This will SIMPLIFY your life. YES!! You can still eat your favorite foods…you just have to know the right way to do it. Here’s a question…if you were to go get a coffee today from a coffee shop would you know the main ingredient in the mocha sauce that is known to cause severe intestinal bloating and cramping? Or how about your vanilla or pumpkin spice latte? Do you know what to check for? Ya…the barista will look at you like ‘YOU CRAYYYZY’ but from where I’m sittin’, just knowing what’s in it and how to choose your drink wisely -it can change your entire day. (Think ouch, my stomach hurts. I wonder what I ate…or drank.) Yep…I still drink mochas. I just know what to look for and where to go. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the kind of stuff you’ll learn in this book. WHAT’S INSIDE? YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT’S IN THAT Discover the truth behind some of your favorite foods & how to continue eating them without the harsh chemicals & loads of preservatives. TOP INGREDIENTS TO AVOID AND WHY Eliminating this list of ingredients completely changed my life. FOODIE LOOKBOOK 2.0 A simple, visual guide to help you discover & create delicious quick meals, & simple options to grab on the go. A TRIP DOWN THE ORGANIC AISLE Join me as I take you on a little journey down my favorite ‘lane’ in the grocery store. BECOME AN EXPERT LABEL READER Find out exactly what to watch for on some of your favorite foodie options. FOOD ALLERGY TESTING Why it’s important, what it can tell you, where to have it done & what does it cost. WHAT IS LEAKY GUT, CANDIDA, & ADRENAL FATIGUE Learn the most common symptoms, how to do simple tests at home & how to start the healing process. FITNESS & FOODIE LIFESTYLE GUIDE Relax…it’s ok. A quick tip guide to start living your best life ever. Skip The Diet, Just Eat Clean 7 Day Meal Plan & Grocery List Simple Designer Lifeā„¢ LIFESTYLE PLANNER

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