VEGAN (Go & Stay) Manual


(You DON’T necessarily need a Kindle reader device in order use this book. It’s available for immediate reading with your Amazon virtual cloud reader).

Author who surprised readership with Golfing guide for the beginners ‘Lifesaving’ ABC Golf Instruction is coming with even bigger surprise. Switching to Vegan diet almost three decades ago, Mrs. Peterson grow more and more passionate about Vegan lifestyle, promoting it and assisting others in various matters connected to Vegan diet and lifestyle. Anne has managed to channel three decades of experience in this short, practical and easy to use form. This manual is filled with great looking photographs that add to smooth mood of this manual.

WARNING: THIS is NOT a cookbook – if you are looking for a collection of recipes and nothing else, you probably do not want this book. HOWEVER – VEGAN (Go & Stay) Manual will definitely enthuse your (Vegan cooking) creativity and ideas plus it will do for you so much more. Offering ‘down to earth’ guidelines, practical information and advice focused on health and well-being, Anne Peterson is avoiding all fluff, philosophical approaches and theories (that we normally find in most of the Vegan books not based on recipes). No one has to be worried about the title – this work in fact is a Manual. VEGAN (Go & Stay) Manual is not going to help only those man ans women who consider switching to Veganism but even to those that are already familiar with theory and practice of Vegan way of living.

In essence, what you see in front of you is quite unique, short yet very useful peace of information.

Make practical use of well-known wisdom lines such as ’KNOWLEDGE is the POWER’. HEALTHY VEGAN = HAPPY VEGAN

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